I am officially in Korea and almost settled and working on a routine/schedule. and just a warning this post will be super long and full of photos. I had an eventful first day. Hope that’s ok.

Getting here was quite the adventure and my first full day was full of some super interesting things.

It was really awesome to fly across the US. I have never been out towards the West in any capacity, and I have always loved the idea of a drive but seriously the flying over was gorgeous. way gorgeous. It makes me want to road trip once I get home.

The whole flying time it takes to get here is so crazy long. I am not someone that sleeps on a plane either and I forgot to take ambient or something to help me sleep and then there were crying children. So I was awake for approximately 30 hours which can be kind of miserable.

My flight to San Fransisco which is 5 hours was worse though than the flight to Korea. Simply because I was in the middle seat next to a woman who was a bit too overweight for her seat and had a terribly loud and annoying ipad and the guy on the other side of me had an odor that just wasn’t welcoming. so those 5 hours were definitely spent reading.

But finally 24 hours later I landed in the Republic of Korea. It was all so surreal and I was so tired. I got my bags found my taxi driver and went to my academy where I will be working. That was when I realized that one of the bags I had wasn’t mine. Awesome. I did find the lady on facebook though and contacted her and was able to return her bag to her. I will now just have to find my actual bag, which I hope is still hanging out at the airport.

I spent my first night in a hotel which had a crazy weird ceiling,  and then got to move into my apartment Saturday. I live in the same building as some coworkers so I wasn’t around long before being invited to lunch and a festival in Itaewon.

I ordered Bi Bim Bap which is one of my most favorite dishes to eat at home.  Only here it is one fourth the cost, which is super awesome! It was sooo good. Of course it came with Kimchi and spicy seaweed all of which I loved.

Riding the subway was nice and the festival was an International one with all sorts of cultural traditions and foods. There was a marching band and flags and important people, people in costumes, and this was all being covered by a local tv station.

The TV broadcaster was a Korean lady who was super funny.  She took the group of Americans standing and made us all huddle together and repeat this phrase that of course meant nothing to me.  I know eventually I will be better at Korean though. It seems very basic which is awesome! So less than 24 hours into my arrival I got to be on Korean TV.

Then I went to meet up for the luggage returning and had my first Korean beer which was good and continued to just keep meeting people and eating awesome foods.It was a really great day and night and was just a great way to put off jet lag and get to know some new people! Of course when I got home at 2am I was so exhausted but it was well worth it.