My apartment in Korea is so nice.  It is spacious and has a setup that I really like.

It is a loft type of situation.  Normally the bed would go up in the loft but because the floors here are the source of heat it would be ridiculously cold in winter up there. Plus, I can’t stand up completely upright because of the low ceilings in that part of the room.  Instead I have turned the loft into a storage system for my clothes.

If you know me well you know I love, love, love clothes and of course I brought a ton of them with me to Korea.  They wouldn’t all fit in the space provided downstairs so now they are all organized and stacked upstairs. Its perfect.

My apartment is furnished with just about everything I need, which is really nice.

The bare walls are driving me crazy so I plan on collecting things soon to post up around so it feels more homier. Plus it is so much space compared to anything I have ever lived in it just feels empty.

It is nice though to have space and a kitchen and bathroom to myself!

Here are some pictures so you can get a good idea of the set up.

this is the view from the door down the little hallway and into my main room.

my little kitchen situation. It is very interesting adjusting to the lack of oven and microwave. No worries though I am resourceful.

My bed and little window table. The bedding was provided for me.  I can’t decide exactly what animal it is supposed to be. But it is soft and warm.

View from the bed. You can see my front door and the area that would be my loft bed but is instead my loft closet. The apartment is really kind of narrow but still really big because it is long.

The bathroom kind of drives me crazy…well not the bathroom so much as the ‘sorta shower’ I can totally handle the cultural differences and chalk most things up to an experience but this shower…seriously everything gets so wet when I shower. It is so frustrating. I am going to try and find a curtain or something to maybe act as a water catcher or something similar to that to cover the sink with so that not everything gets so soaked.

and finally my little washing machine. No dryers here in Korea, which is fine. I didn’t really use a dryer often in Denmark.  The only thing I wont like not being able to dry are my jeans. Oh well add it to the experience list. 🙂

Anyway, there you have my humble abode for the next year.