All week long all I have heard is “teacher, teacher” and I know it will be all I hear for the next year. It makes me think about changing my name just so it is a bit more endearing.

I teach so many different classes that my very first day was so completely overwhelming there were a few times I want to crawl under my desk and hide for a while, but I didn’t I kept at it and by Friday was feeling a lot better.

The difficulty stems from 2 places. 1. I had no training at all. No one said this is the routine of the classroom, this is what your class time should look like, this is how you should present materials. All I was told was make sure you always give homework, don’t let them speak Korean, and here are your books. Awesome.

It was awful. It is also confusing because you see some classes once a week, twice a week, and a few three times a week, and sometimes I will teach reading and then on Thursday teach the same class writing. Then there a few classes where I teach reading twice a week. I feel like it took forever to figure it all out.

But I do have a pretty good grasp, and of course now next week is not a normal teaching week. It is a test week so the schedule is all funny. Luckily though the next week will be all schedule and routine and hopefully it will get easier.

I have a new appreciation for teachers as well.  Every night when I got home this week I was covered in black residue from the dry erase boards and my feet were killing me from standing for so long.

Also, Korean students really aren’t much different than American ones.  They forget their homework, books, and are very good at copping attitudes.  This week because I still think they are so cute it wasn’t so bad and I laughed a lot of things off, but I know once the newness wears off I will be just as flustered as every other teacher.

I made sure they knew I was serious though.  Students that didn’t listen and just kept on in Korean with their peers had to write lines 25 times about not speaking Korean in my class. This is a pretty standard punishment.

Hopefully, though things will get easier in terms of learning the ways of the school and classroom and I will find my groove.