At home all of my friends love, love, love Halloween. It is one of the biggest nights of the year. I feel like even though I won’t be with my friends from college this Halloween is going to be awesome.

Just getting my costume was quite the adventure. There are costumes in Dongdaemun, or at least that is all I kept hearing, so I figured that clearly meant I needed to take a trip. I braved the cold and got on the subway. The subway here is really easy to maneuver and that stop is on my line, the number 4 line. I knew when I got there I knew I needed to go out exit 4. Every time someone gives you directions they always include which numbered exit you need to be going out of, which is super helpful.

I knew once I left the subway I needed to look for a convenient store and turn left. Well I saw what I thought might be it but the area was so seedy looking that I kept walking until I realized I had gone much to far to be correct based on the directions I had.

I went back to the seedy looking street seen below:

literally there are just little hole in the wall spaces crammed with all kinds of things, but yet everything you could ever need, or not need but will somehow acquire.  Apparently this kind of market is completely normal for this area and not at all seedy, just the lay of the land.  Also, in Korea there are still a lot of shops or people that only sell one item or specialize in a trade.  For instance the picture below is the entry to a store that seriously sells nothing but paper. You need pens? You have to go next door because this store, only paper.

So then I went in this store:

and bought my Halloween costume. Nothing crazy this year because I didn’t have someone else to help me think of something. I also needed something that I could wear for work Friday and Saturday for the Halloween workshops and market.  I chose simple. Cat ears and a tail.

I am very much looking forward to carving pumpkins and playing Halloween BINGO with my little GS kids tomorrow. Don’t worry, I will take plenty of pictures. And you’ll get to ‘meet’ some of my kids!

I also had other interesting adventures that day after getting a bit lost, but that has nothing to do with Halloween so I will make a separate post for those things.