So before you get cute pictures of my students, and because for some reason my computer is not cooperating with uploading photos to my computer, you get to read about the rest of my adventures in Dandaemun.

Apparently this is a shopping district that is full of Japanese people. Koreans really still hold a grudge concerning Japan so my students were like “oh teacher. Why you go there? So many Japanese.”

Anyway so this area as you know felt really seedy to me. No one gave me the heads up. Last night my friend Sara said “oooooh yeah I meant to tell you that it wasn’t as seedy as it looks.” haha well now I know.

So of course if you know me well it will be no shock to you that I managed to get lost. I swear I tried to remember to walk just straight. That way I only had to walk straight back but I got distracted, another no shocker, and got off my path. And those little back maze like streets all look the same.

Well I walked towards a main street and I knew I was doing this by heading towards big buildings haha great system, right? Well I came out and looked around. Definitely not the same place I had entered at, but I could just follow the subway exits back to where I needed to be. Then I really paid attention to where I was, and suddenly all of the shops were showcasing aquariums and then the further down I walked I started seeing more than just aquariums, there were animals. everywhere. Apparently I was in the pet district.

I got to see a whole array of things that I wasn’t sure why anyone would want as a pet. For instance, meet this nice squirrel.

Literally there were turtles, chickens, birds of all kinds some of which I had never seen the likes of, dogs, fish, ferrets, hamsters, gerbils, peeps, you’ve already met the squirrel, and then there were these little guys.and everything was kept in little metal cages. Even the dogs and cats. Now really most of these animals were crammed in with many other animals or in spaces much too small and not really conducive to comfortable living for them. So really I wanted to get a little crazy and just set them all free though that would save nothing and most of them would just die.I am not even an animal person. I have no idea where these emotions were coming from.

Now I am still thinking about these poor little tinies. I still, 4 days later, am fighting the urge to go and save them, or at least one. I am trying to talk a coworker into taking another.