So I have quite a few things to post in the next few days, but they are more picture heavy and that just can’t really work with my mostly stolen internet that I am currently using. Still waiting on the ARC card so I can get my very own.

Since moving here I have been living off kimbap and doenjang jjigae my two new favorite foods. And of course kimchi!

Anyway, so tonight I got brave and finally decided to make something Korean. At least that was the plan, and all of the ingredients are Korean, but I just threw it all together.  I didn’t use a recipe or anything.

So I knew I wanted to make soup, but not too much because I’m only cooking for me, and I am still going to be eating on it for days haha because there were still 2 containers left over. It’s really good though so I don’t mind.

Anyway I boiled some water and added some veggie broth seasoning then 2 tablespoons…or maybe more of doenjang, which is a seasoned soybean paste. Next came the vinegard hot pepper paste called chogochujang.

I like spicy soup so I added a good bit, plus it gave a nice color.

I cut up a clove of garlic, half of an onion, and a couple handfuls of cabbage.  Then 3 small tiny baby potatoes and some enokitake mushrooms.  I let all of that cook and when the potatoes were almost done I threw in some bean sprouts and tofu squares. I let it all cook together and it smelled delicious.

I made rice to eat with it, as is custom in Korea, but I am not used to making rice on a propane stove in pretty poor pots soooo that was kind of disasterous. It was still edible and fine when I poured the soup over it. I had to have two bowls, it was so good. And I was off adventuring today and didn’t eat lunch.

I was pretty proud of myself. I mean I make soups from scratch at home often, and I have seen my mom do it hundreds of times, but these Asian ingredients were totally new territory, and next time maybe I will really follow directions to a recipe. My goal is to really master making my own doenjang jjigae before I leave.

My finished product 🙂