So one of my younger students, Hellen, came into class today. She had lost a tooth yesterday and was showing off her new gap.

So I asked her what they do with their teeth in Korea and if they were visited by something like a tooth fairy.

H: No teacher. roof. umm roof we throw.

Me: You throw your teeth on the roof?

H: Yes teacher and the bird comes and gets it and then brings you a new one.

iiiinteresting.What a way to dispose of teeth. I kind of hope I get to see a small kid throwing teeth in action one day. It also makes me wonder where the tradition came from. I tried looking it up but I didn’t find much. But I am still intrigued by this. They laughed when I said we don’t throw our teeth we put them under our pillows.

Then when I told them we got money in the States for our teeth they were amazed. Though she said I was a liar for saying the tooth fairy existed.

Me: well Hellen, do you believe in Santa?

H: *rolls her eyes* Yes teacher

Me: Well its kind of a known fact that Santa and the Tooth fairy are best friends. How did you not know that?

H: oh really teacher?

Me: yeah and the Easter Bunny.

H:Easter Bunny?

Me: Yeah we can talk about him later though.

There were interjections by Dorothy in there too but they were mostly to support Hellen, though I appreciate how often they talk and how much they enjoy teaching me things. I have to give them vocab tests in Korean and today they told me my Korean writing was getting better haha go me.