Last week in one of my writing classes the students had to outline and draft an essay about what they think are the three most important qualities an English teacher should have.

I really don’t care for my writing classes in terms of the material, but that is mostly just because I don’t really always remember or follow the rules of writing. This though made me laugh and shake my head a little.

Anyway, one of my students, Alicia, didn’t fully understand the topic. She told me she didn’t and so she just wrote three things about me instead. Today I finally sat down to grade the essays and now I am going to share with you English mishaps and mistakes and my name misspelled 4 times I feel like that make up the essay about Alison Teacher.

“I think First Alison teacher is kind. Because she tries to communicate with is. She teaches us well (delicately) and she stamps alot. (That’s good!) Second, Alison teacher is delicate. She checks homework everyday. And her lessons are fun. Last if we don’t homework, she advice to us. Example like this “why your didn’t have homework? In next time you must have homework, ok?” Finally teacher Alison is stylish. Because she wears special clothes. For example, she wear purple color of stockings. And she wears special bangles. For example shape of banana, other shape… And her style is peculiar. Because her clothes is so special. I think girl’s style, so, I think Alison teacher is kind, delicate, and stylish”

Today in class I thanked her for writing nice things about me. I was tempted to ask what she meant by peculiar.  I also think its funny she pointed out the color of my tights because Korean women where tons of colored tights, and I am no where as fashionable as them.  I am still rocking my v necks and cardigans and just recognize I couldn’t wear half of what Korean women can anyway.

Silly bandz are like gold here.  You can bribe a kid to do anything if you offer them silly bandz. I recently asked my mom to send me more packs for this very purpose because the extras I brought with me are running low. Oh, and I don’t have one shaped like a banana but I think its funny that she chose that shape to list.

Also, I am constantly asking students why they don’t do their homework. They know I have 3 rules for my classes. 1. No Korean. 2. Bring your book to class. 3. Do your homework. It is really very simple.

All in all I am glad she likes me though