ok so, I know that this is now officially late, but what can you do? I am working with what I have.

So here are some pictures from the Halloween workshop and a couple of my classes. My camera battery of course died about half way through my night.

My coworkers and me. Rachel is from Connecticut and Rob is from New Jersey. My arm looks all silly because Eileen was having trouble working my camera and I wasn’t really ready haha so it goes. We all make a pretty good team.

We carved a pumpkin. Pumpkins definitely do not look the same here, nor do they carve the same.  Plus all we had to carve it with was a pocket knife type of deal. No joke. I cut the top off. I used to screw drivers to wedge it out. the walls of the pumpkin are thicker here. Definitely not modified for annual carving. The kids loved it though.

These are all of the GS, which stands for growing seeds, in the big classroom. They are 7-9 year olds. They are my favorite kids to teach. They are so young they still like learning and are excited to be studying and reading. They also loved our crafts and games.

The three girls in the back are my GS9A class. Level 9 is really high. The one on the right in the middle is Helle, my boss’s daughter, and she speaks better English than her mom. They are my all time favorite class. They love to talk about anything and they always do their work and are prepared for class and just genuinely are easy and fun to teach. They are all so cute though. Front left is Amy, she is in my GT6A class. She is really funny and very particular about things. She can get frustrated easily but tries really hard.

Okay, so, I don’t actually teach this awesome kid, but I reaaaallly wish I did. She will come in our office and dance or just say the most hilarious things. She was mimicking the scary face we drew on her ghost lollipop. She also very much wanted me to take this picture so it only makes sense I share it with you all.

Meet Janice, Grace, and Lauren. Janice and Grace are cousins and very talkative. Lauren is really nice but I can never get her to talk in class. Of course the boys and girls refused to be in the same picture. They just like making my life difficult sometimes. Overall though this class is a good one. They let out a few zingers that make me turn around and look at the board because I have to fight back laughing at the funny thing they don’t even know they said.

and these are the boys in that class. Up front is Kevin and to the left is his twin brother Andy. They are so cute and really smart and they dress the same every single day. It is really normal here for twins to dress the same until they are 12 or so. There are 3 sets of twins in our academy which can be kind of confusing. To the right of Kevin is Danniel and behind him Michael. Next to Michael is Leo who was clearly very against having his picture taken. And lastly the other little guy in glasses is Gin. Gin is so smart and tests in the top 5% of the academy. I love to see his face when he has those light bulb moments and realizes the answer to what I am asking.

oh this class. Some days I love them and other days I want to throw my dry erase markers at them, which would be perfectly acceptable in Korea.

From left to right, Lina, Lauren, Alice, Sunny, Bob, Nick, Kevin, and James.

The girls in this class are no trouble and if anything helpful. The boys however, they are a handful. Bob is the ring leader. He is smart mouthed but funny so it is hard to really get frustrated with him. Nick is so smart and gets bored easily because he should be in a higher class. When all 4 boys gang up on me it’s like a circus. They aren’t at all bad compared to my terrible 2 classes, but they are kids so they get a little sidetracked.

The rest of my classes are mostly older kids and aren’t nearly as cute as these couple of classes, but they all love Hangman and Halloween just the same. 🙂