Today my camera decided to hate me. It can get a little testy sometimes. So there unfortunately will be no pictures to accompany this post.

However, the exciting news is I hiked a mountain today. And it was not easy. at all.

Buramsan is really close to my house. I had heard people talk about it but never knew how to actually get to it. Now I do. 🙂

Sara is a teacher at the middle school and I really like her a lot. She invited me to go. It was a perfect hike for a Sunday afternoon. We started up and I was totally fine. No big deal. Then it got rockier and then steeper and we would reach a look out and I was like oh ok that was awesome and she would be like no no we have to go further. Now it has been too cold to really be doing cardio like I am used to so my heart was getting all crazy and I finally just said ‘wow I am really not in shape for this.” But it was ok Sara stuck with me. I didn’t really have to stop it was just taking me a bit of time to figure out how to maneuver the rocks.

Once we got really close to where we were stopping I literally had the most terrifying moment of my life. I would choose to talk to weird Korean men any day of the week. But I made myself do it and it was awesome. So this one part. There are no steps there are no branches it is pretty much sheer rock face and there are huge wire cables cemented down and you have to use those to pull yourself up. I was so scared but once I got to the top I was so glad I went up. We ran into some friends which was nice and chatted with them for a bit.

The view was weird. Seoul has had this smog and I can’t figure out if it is just like a mist that is settled on the city, or if it is pollution, or even dementors for that matter but it has moved in the past couple of days and is making everything feel thick and eerie. So the view thanks to this awkward cloud of whatever was skewed and I know had it been a clear day it would have been breathtaking.  It was still neat just not as awesome as I am sure it could be under the hazy veil.

Getting down was fun in the ‘oh my gosh one misstep and I’m dead’ kind of way but I made it and didn’t freak out at all. +2 points for me!

I feel super accomplished and can’t wait to conquer all the other mountains hanging out surrounding Seoul.