Today was a really good story day at school. I also have recently found some good links I want to share. Enjoy 🙂

1. This afternoon Rachel teacher gave a pumpkin caramel to a student named Stephen.  We didn’t know it but he had a loose tooth and all of a sudden we heard commotion in the lobby. Sure enough the candy had pulled out his tooth. It was pretty funny to see him in shock. The rest of the day she handed out the candies with a warning.

2. Eileen had a student ask her why ‘sun of a beach’ was a bad phrase. It sounded like a good day to her. I couldn’t help but laugh. How do you even respond to that?

3. I have a really intelligent student named Gabe. He tends to get bored during listening class and fiddles with things. I have to constantly snap at him to focus. Today though he looked like he was paying attention while twirling a rubber band on his pen up near his forehead. Well the rubber band slipped and it suddenly was twisted up tight right in the bang part of his shaggy little hair cut. I was a terrible teacher and laughed just a little and I tried to untwist it but it was just pulling worse and I didn’t have time to really do anything so I just led him to the front desk and let them take care of it. He came back a bit later rubber band free. Sometimes these kids are so ridiculous.

4. Sometimes they can be terribly mean though. Last Thursday I had a student in my first class tell me she didn’t like my handwriting. It was too loopy. Then in my next class I had a student tell me it was unbelievable that I could have a boyfriend because he didn’t think I was pretty at all. Awesome. Thanks Kevin. Lastly, that same day I had a student tell me something ridiculous that I don’t remember. Blunt. That is the main word I would use to describe Korean children.

5. You can follow this link to a neat quiz posted on the CNN website in their ilink section that has lots of neat info about South Korea.

6. I have also had a crazy time trying to figure out Korean ages, but I found this nifty blog that does some awesome explaining and calculating.

7. Also on Ask a Korean! I cried my way through this entry about a meeting between families in the North and South Koreas. It made me very thankful that no matter where in the US my family lives, at least I have the freedom to visit them and speak with them regularly.

8. On a happier note I am looking forward to checking out the Seoul Lantern Festival this Sunday.

9. One of my favorite notes: food. If you want to be adventurous like me and try your hand at Korean dishes I would recommend Aeri’s Kitchen. She has tons of authentic and easy to make recipes.