I am officially one month into this year long stint in South Korea.

I can definitely say that the month has flown by for sure. I really thought I had only been here maybe 2 weeks and then I realize no it has been a whole month. If this time speed keeps up I will be home in no time.

It is also a reminder though that I need to be planning and doing more things. This is also hard though because it is colder already here and the temperatures will only continue to drop throughout the winter. I really don’t like the cold. I should have looked into this before choosing to come here. I should have chosen somewhere tropical and warm, but this will have to do. I like to hibernate in the winter, only leaving my house when it is really necessary. Therefore I might just make a list of things to do once spring comes. 🙂

I have enjoyed my month though and I have gotten to know some good people. It seems like this place is constantly a revolving door coming and going in every month which is a very different schedule than anything I have experienced. It is just the nature if things though and I understand.

Hopefully things will keep getting easier and I will get further settled and acclimated to everything. I have started learning the Korean alphabet or Hangul as it is properly called. I have all of the constants memorized and they were super easy. It is the vowels and vowel combinations that are killing me. Also, the way Koreans roll Ls and Rs into this one sound is something that I just can’t make my mouth do. So it goes, like I tell my kids I just have to keep practicing. I won’t get any better without practice.

Hopefully I will survive the holiday season, the winter, and month 2.