Every year on November 11th Korea is flooded with children carrying Pepero. Suddenly stores are putting up displays and everyone gets Pepero crazy. Students give boxes to their friends and teachers. Well really everyone gives them to each other as long as you are on good terms.

One of my students, Bob, told me that his dad built a house out of pepero sticks for his mother this year for pepero day. I completely believe him. People here love pepero day.

I found this site that gives the neat supposed back story to Pepero day and comes with a weird video that you are more than welcome to watch if you want to. Personally I wish I taught more younger classes. They are like the jack pot of scoring a ton of boxes. I got 5 or 6 in all and have been eating them with my coffee. I used to eat them at home so I am definitely ok with eating them here. They are a really cheap treat as well, one box is around 50 cents. No breaking the bank there.

I think I will make it my own tradition now when I return home to make sure I share pepero or pocky, which are the same but made by a different company, sticks with my friends every year on November 11th while celebrating a day of remembrance .