Today flew by at work. Seriously I blinked and all six of my classes were over. I tend to like Mondays here and today even my worst behaved classes out of all 20 that I teach were only mildly annoying. I was proud.

However, in that class there is a kid named Park. Oh park what a kid. He likes to try and keep up with the other kids not realizing they are all headed for trouble. Anyway, today we were doing a unit review in listening classes and I asked them before we started if they had any questions on the material in the three sections. Park looks at me and simply says “How old are you?” and of course I said “23 American, 24 Korean.” “Whhhhat teacher no.” “Why Park? How old did you think I was?” “30 or 32.” “oh. Well, you’re 12 what do you know.” Then I had them thinking I was really 60 and had children at home somewhere. So gullible these Koreans. but 30? really?

Also, I know I talk about appearance a lot, or at least I feel like I do, but it is important here and so I get a lot of comments on that. Today for instance my hair was a mess. Seriously, it was being so difficult but it was cold so I didn’t really want to have to wash it. Anyway I threw it up in this hairstyle that works really great when my hair is wet, but not so much when it is fussy and dry. I was out of time and out of options so I went with it.

Of course I go a lot of “oh teacher I really like your hair” or “oh teacher its so pretty today.” “you should wear it back more often.” Oh kids. they have no idea. such. a. mess. I will even include photos of the disaster for your enjoyment.

from the front it looks totally fine and way cute with the outfit I wore today.


the back.

sorry about the weird crane neck my computer camera doesn’t have a timer, though I really wish it did. Anyway. disaster. and anyone who has seen this hairstyle done right will only agree with me.

The kids always think my worst do’s are the best. Last week, I again thought it was too cold and I was too lazy to wash my hair so I just quickly showered and threw it in a ponytail pining back my bangs. They thought it was glorious. I thought it was just dirty haha oh kids. Gotta love ’em.