Lately, I have been trying lots of new Korean and other asian foods that I love, love, love. However, sadly I haven’t been making them myself. I have also been eating lots of ramen, which you all are very familiar with, though there are way better flavors here.For instance cheese bokki is a new treat I have to not keep around and only buy once every couple of weeks. It is like the easy mac of ramen, only I am terrible and break up a slice of cheese in it to make it ridiculously creamy and cheesy, and fattening and awesome. Oh well.

Anyway here are 2 things I have made myself. I had some left over rice and so I quickly threw together some veggies and added an egg and some spicy sauce and attempted to make a fried rice. It was ok, but I would like to follow a recipe next time for sure.

Then, I have a confession dear readers. Sometimes I think my mother wonders how I am her daughter. I don’t like tomato soup. I know that is is everyone’s favorite thing and so on, but I really just don’t care for it. Usually, I can only eat it if I crush a ton of crackers in it so it’s like having a little soup with my crackers. Tonight though I noticed the tomatoes in my fridge were going bad and I had a craving for a grilled cheese.  So, I looked up recipes for tomato soup. The only soup I have every really liked of this variety is the creamy chunky kind at Panera Bread. I found a recipe similar to theirs and looked at others and with the great direction of my mom I went to town trying to create something I would hopefully like. I added a bit too much garlic and probably needed more tomatoes but I made enough for just one bowl and it was pretty okay. It definitely won’t be something I will crave again anytime soon I’m sure, but for tonight it was pretty okay.  I panicked when I thought it was a weird color but when i just let it set after adding the milk it turned more normal.

Cheese is really hard to find here, well it is really expensive here so cheap cheese is hard to find, which is really awful because for me cheese is a food group. But I still made a grilled cheese with tons of awesome gooey cheese. 🙂 when it is only in the high 30s outside I suddenly want these hearty warm soups that aren’t native to Korea. I need to find something similar in Korean fashion to test out.