What a day I had. Mondays are my favorite days in Korea and Fridays are becoming more and more my least favorite which I think is really sad. It used to be such a reverse situation.

Today though was by far a trying day. Mr. Lee one of the front desks assistants at my academy forgot to call the internet company and set up the appointment. I was pretty bummed about this. I had this weekend planned for just catching up on a couple of shows and relaxing and doing some crafts. Now I will be getting internet Monday. Only a couple more days but for some reason I was really upset by this. I was looking forward to Skyping with my sister and seeing the new baby in action. Oh well. Just will have to wait.

I also had a class today that was so incredibly bad. They are normally difficult but I can keep them in check and have learned that some students magically are good when you just ignore them and pay them no attention. Today though no matter what they were rude and refused to listen. I wanted to cry I got so frustrated. Literally I made a student stand up and write his essay. That didn’t work. I made him stand right next to me. That didnt work. I made him stand nose in the corner. No joke. He still had the guts to turn around and throw gum wrappers at me. SERIOUSLY?!?! That’s all I could say to them over and over again. I was appalled that they could be that bad. They wouldn’t stop talking, and more so they wouldn’t stop talking in Korean. They barely tried to write their essays. I was just over them. I wanted to kick the whole class to the curb. I literally would have thrown out 8 students if I could have. One boy had me check his homework then looked at me and while looking me dead in the eye crumpled it up and threw it at another student’s head. Why? Why are they such brats?

Then in another class, Bob…oh Bob. There is a picture of him in the Halloween entry. Anyway during a class change he threw a drink out the window. We are on the fourth floor of a very busy building over a very busy area. Why he thought this was a good idea is beyond me. Of course the liquid landed on a man who came up to the academy to complain. So that class was full of a lot of sobbing, mom calling, and chaos.

Then I found out some of my favorite classes of older kids will be moving to the middle school academy in January. So sad. They are fun to chat with and really easy to teach. That is just the nature of the academy I suppose.

However, I am sooooo glad to admit I received my first mail from the states today. I adore getting mail. It seriously makes me so happy. I know its silly, it is just mail, but no I adore mail. Today I got the cutest card with a fun present from Donna. Donna was pretty much my mom while I was in Boston. She always sewed my clothes, baked yummy treats, and made sure I was eating right. She was soooo great to me and I loved getting a card from her. Hi Donna! I am going to send you a card back next week! 🙂

If you want to send me mail haha I am more than willing to give you my address. I mean you don’t have to, but you know if you want to…just saying.

I love mail. I put Steve from Blue’s Clues (I babysit waaaaay too much in the states haha) to shame with my happy mail dance and songs. So that little card was the bright little spot in my otherwise pretty miserable Friday.