Yesterday afternoon I went with my friends to a bar in Nowon-gu called Metropolis.  It is run by a Korean named Andy and he is awesome.  There are a bunch of regulars, meaning Americans that have been living in Korea for years…(one guy has been here 11 years!) anyway so he opens up his space for American Thanksgiving. There is a 2 drink minimum which is totally fair since he buys the turkeys which are super expensive here and it’s his space.

It was done in a potluck style so there were all kinds of different dishes made all sorts of ways.I took mashed potatoes which were awesome if I might say so. Literally though I got so excited I took like 6 pounds of potatoes. They were all gone though 🙂

I went with a handful of people I have gotten to know and we brought two Korean teachers with us. I spent a lot of time this weekend with Eileen and Joanne and I am super glad I work with them. We ate ourselves silly. That really is what Thanksgiving is all about after all, and why it is clearly my all time favorite holiday.

So we ate and ate. Turkey, dressing, green bean casserole, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad, deviled eggs, and oh so much more, including some Korean dishes. Then there was plenty of pumpkin pie for dessert. Thank you costco. 🙂

Glorious. It was truly glorious. I have to work on Thursday and that will be a total bummer, but I was glad that I had the opportunity to even have these foods.

I tried to take more pictures but I got wrapped up in eating and just kind of enjoying my time with the people I was with. Plus, the lighting was pretty terrible.

Also, I am so very lucky, because not only did I get to have this awesome feast, I get to do it all over again next Sunday with Amber and her friends. I can’t wait. I feel like it is totally fair I get my favorite meal twice since I am so far away and all. That is justifiable right?