Today has been an exceptionally good Saturday.

First, when I woke up I got to just lay in bed and talk to this cute kid I know named boyfriend which was nice.

Then I had a knock on the door and my friend Eileen was here. She had left her computer charger at work and I don’t have a cell phone yet so, she couldn’t tell me she was coming over. So I was in a hurry trying to get out of my pjs and pick up my apartment.

Then the real fun began. Eileen came over for lunch because she heard I was going to attempt for real doenjang jiggae. I used this recipe and went to work. Eileen brought the rice since last time mine got so burnt and she was also kind enough to bring some delicious fruits. I might be in love with hard persimmons, which are still not tomatoes.

So I cut, sliced, chopped and boiled this beautiful pot of soup:

and we dined in style of course with my ridiculous plastic dishes.

Eileen is also a very straightforward person, therefore when she said to me “this is really good.” I knew it was really good. I had a Korean stamp of approval! 🙂 We even ate two bowls. I was pretty ecstatic.

See its good 🙂 so all you stateside folks you better bet this will be coming to your kitchens when I get home and I cook for you…and I do mean you mom.

Then after our yummy lunch and fruit I shared with Eileen one of my favorite things I brought from the states and that I have been saving. I cracked open my dark chocolate orange, and of course she loved it. Also, we were treated with amazing homemade chocolate chip cookies by a very nice guy.

While we were eating I had nice new friend show up. Meet Zeus:

he is 3 years old and beautiful. I was really hoping to get a kitten, but he needed a home and I wanted a furry cute tiny to love.

He is beautiful. and so far he has been hiding under my bed. He came out for a few minutes and was sniffing around and let me love on him, but when Rachel came and knocked on my door he dashed back under the bed and hasn’t been heard from since. I know he just needs some time to adjust.

Anyway, after lunch Eileen suggested we go on a walk. It was a pretty nice day out despite the rain that was around this morning. So we bundled up and started walking. Then she suggested we go visit her mom. I love her mom she is always so nice to me whenever I see her. She owns a salon so we went to go see how things were going and to get a cup of coffee. We also did our nails which was fun because I am now very sparkly.

But it gets better her mom as a ton of wigs in her shop, so we had lots of fun trying on all sorts of styles.

Then her mom sent us for dinner. I guess Eileen doesn’t come to visit her at work often so she gave Eileen some cash and said I had to try chicken. Korean chicken is aaaaamazing. So they take normal fried chicken and put this sweet and spicy sauce alllll over it. so amazing. so good. 🙂

I am going to go see her mom in about a month to get a haircut I think. I want to start off the new year right, and her mom does a good job. She is a lovely lady who looks 15 years younger than her age. She gave me awesome hair treatment stuff and put some apple essence stuff in my hair that makes it healthier I guess.

Then we walked home and Eileen went on her way.

It is nice to be making real friends here and knowing that there are people here who are genuine and amazing people. I am really glad Eileen likes to spend time with me. 🙂 She also has a lot of patience with teaching me Korean culture, history, and language which I really appreciate.

Happy Weekends.