Last Friday night was one for the books.

It was soooo cold and yet we still all made our way to this place we fondly call the Soju Tents.  It is this strip of restaurants that are really run in big party tents that line the area around Chongu station.

So this one place that is really the only one ever frequented is run by Gunn a very awesome Korean guy that makes our lives awesome.

On this particular Friday I was able to try something very…different. Everyone just kept saying it was a sea squirt. Of course we were like a what? but it is also referred to as a sea pineapple.

This isnt the one we all ate. Gunn showed us this after we had eaten the other one. It has a really weird taste. Super salty and then kind of sweet before it gets bitter. Very different. Then I had a raw oyster for the first time that I can remember. It was topped with onions and sauce.

the sea pineapple all cut up and ready to be eaten.

Then at some point this guy walks in who we decided to name Korean John Mayer. He just walked in and started playing songs. The most random songs that I forgot even existed but that everyone knows. It was awesome.

Gun seriously just brings us all kinds of things to try when we are there. I love it. and it is all so cheap. We had so much fun and I met some new people.There was even this random other Korean guy that decided he wanted to take Polaroids of our group. He gave us a copy and Eileen was nice enough to scan it in. 🙂