Yesterday, Saturday, was quite the day for this foodie. A very spectacular food day for sure.

Eileen and I have decided that we will do a cooking exchange. So once a week we make something Korean and something American. This week I picked pajeon, click the link for a wiki page, and she picked from scratch chocolate chip cookies. Sounded perfect to me.

I love pajeon…or just jeon in general any kind will do.  They are like Korean pancakes. the Pa part is just the Korean word for green onions.

We met at the grocery store to get the rest of the ingredients and headed to her apartment and began the lessons.We started with the cookies because they take the longest and there was no mixer so softening the butter with sugar took a while and gave us quite the arm workout. We got it all mixed though.

Then Eileen has a little oven so we baked them…and sadly I have never made flatter cookies in my life.  I take pride in being able to make simple desserts from scratch, but these were the flattest cookies I have ever seen. We added baking powder and everything so I am not sure what the problem was.

The good news is they tasted delicious!…just crispy.

Then on to the jeon. we cut up…I say we but really Elieen did all the slicing…with cooking scissors. I never even thought about it, but Koreans love cooking scissors and when they use them it saves some much time on chopping things like chilies and green onions. So smart. So there was Korean spinach, green onions, chilies, onion, and garlic put into pot.

Then we added enough flour for a light coating and an egg and mushed it all. Of course it was the gross part so I wanted to do it. Eileen gave me a glove though which I thought was funny.

Then we added more flour and water and a little salt to draw the moisture out of the veggies. then you have a veggie packed pancake mix. you stir it all up and put some oil in a pan over med heat. Pretty easy. and so delicious.


and doooone. We also made Kimchi jeon which are a pretty red color because of the awesome power of kimchi, and faster because all you do is use your scissors to cut up the kimchi and add a little salt flour and water.

Then I asked Eileen to try jeon with cheese on top. soooo good. She thought so too. 🙂

and this was our awesome spread for the day. We ate while watching CNN International. It was sooooo awesome to get to watch the news on TV. It’s good practice for her listening skills too, even though she really is sooo good at English.

So after our feast we met up with Joanne to do some shopping in Itaewon and have a nice dinner out. This next part might include a lot of exclamations. I apologize in advance, but really Eileen and I were soooo excited and the food was seriously aaaamazing!!

We were trying to decide what type of food we wanted and threw around the ideas for Thai, Mexican, Chinese…and as we were looking at an Italian place we heard this American family talking about Greek. Suddenly we were all Shut the front door! Greek?! Eileen and I had just been talking about my time in Greece and the amazing food!! She worked in a Greek restaurant when she lived abroad in New Zealand…or Australia. We quickly ran up the stairs and waited for a table.

We decided to eat in Korean fashion so we ordered a couple of appetizers and a huge gyro plate to share, and of course a nice bottle of red wine. OH MY WOOOORD! Seriously, the food came and we were like wooow! It was sooooo good. It looked good, smelled good, and tasted phenomenal.

Of course we took pictures before we ate.

Spinach pies that were flaky and creamy with taziki sauce, the gyro plate with meat, pitas, homemade potato rounds, greek slaw and taziki sauce. Finally my favorite part was the plate you can barely see it was a shrimp dish in a light tomato juice with fresh diced and cooked tomatoes and peppers with feta mixed in and mozzarella melted on top. Absolutely amazing!! and so. much. cheese.!!! CHEEEEESE! twice in a day CHEESE! We ate and ate, and it was just enough for us. Koreans don’t eat very much typically, but luckily, my friends do eat a fair amount 🙂

It was nice to have such a good dinner and nice conversation with my lovely dinner dates.

All in all another amazing Saturday in Seoul…now if only it wouldn’t have to be some ridiculously cold here.