I have decided I want to rename my new kitty. Lately I have just been calling him Sir. I want his name to be Sir…something awesome. I am just not always very good at thinking at awesome permanent things.

Anyway I figured you all should get a little update on my new friend. He had a bit of trouble adjusting at first but now we are pretty settled into a nice routine.

He has a pink yoga mat he uses as a scratching pad. Luckily he doesn’t really scratch anything else anymore except me occasionally if he gets spooked while sitting in my lap.

He likes to play with boxes and in suitcases and he loves to hide under the bed.

he also loves to lounge in this one spot next to the table. The heating is in the floor here so I am not sure if that has something to do with him always picking the same spot or not.

and today I caught him mid yawn.

and then he gave himself a little bath

and he bites his nails. It makes a terrible sound.

Sometimes he is ridiculous. For instance, he loves drinking the water out of my basil plant cup. I am trying to root it and doing pretty well with it, but the cat keeps drinking all the water even though his water bowl is just across the room! I don’t get it.

and then if I am laying in bed on my computer or reading a book he feels the need to sit riiiiight on my chest. like so:

and I will have to be like…hey I cant seeee….so then he just lays down and we make it work.

He sleeps with me at night now. At first he was batting me awake with his paw every couple of hours but now that he is adjusted he stays under the covers til he wants to slink awake. Sometimes I will not be able to find him and then see this little lump shift under the covers and sure enough hes all snug like a bug in a rug and looks at me like “lady can’t you see I’m sleeping? Put the covers back down.” so cute.

He also doesn’t like my camera very much. He looks at it and then goes away. I’m sure he will get used to it in time. And right now fat cat is all sprawled out letting me know it’s bed time.

He even covers his eyes for dramatic effect I am convinced. Either way it is nice to come home and have him want to cuddle and wake up and want to cuddle and to keep me company on days like today when I have a lot to do in my apartment.

Now I just need to name him…