This morning I have my Korean language book and a fresh cup of tea next to me and something I think might be resembling the beginnings of a respiratory infection inside of me. I have had a weird swollen throat for a couple of days and this morning congestion made my breathing wheezy and not in the I sound like a rapper kind of way.  My lungs were squeaking and my head was throbbing this will not be pleasant and I am hoping that like my last head cold situation it will dissolve itself in a weeks time…and not turn into pneumonia. My parents would say ‘Allison Nicole go to the doctor’ well yeah maybe if it gets worse, no need to be all hypochondriac for the moment. I am going to let this one play out and hope I don’t die. 🙂

The point is it makes sense that everyone gets sick in Korea. The number one thing you notice, or that I have noticed in my first 2 months here is that Koreans think it is rude to not cover your mouth when you yawn, however! they never cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze. They just release those germs in the subway full of stale germy air or in your small classroom, again full of stale germy air. Getting sick here is unavoidable. Of this I am completely sure. My students have literally coughed on me while I have been collecting homework before. Nothing I can do besides whip out my hand sanitizer and pray that my immune system can handle the germs.

So yes. 2 months now I have been in this fair land. I have already learned a lot. I am working on my Korean language skills, and food skills too! I can officially count to 10..well in regular numbers. Koreans have 2 number systems. 1 for counting, money, and stuff. The second for counting items and objects. For instance if I want two thousand won I will say “ee” chun won, but if I want 1 bi bim bap I would say “han-ah” bi bim bap.   im not sure how the number translations are actually spelled, but that is how it sounds.

We have had a bit of snow, but more than anything Korea is just cold. I mean to the bone chilled kind of cold. It drives me crazy. Why I keep picking places with cold winters is beyond me. I am headed towards the equator next time I travel outside of the US for a longer period of time. I know some of you pretend that Korea is my last hoorah but let’s be honest, that just isn’t possible. Already being here for two months has me itching to travel somewhere else like China, Malaysia, Australia. It just isn’t in me to stay still. I have been reading Eat, Pray, Love though and it’s nice not to be alone in that need to travel and roam a lot. There is a ton of time for reading in Korea which is nice. And a huge bookstore in Itaewon that sells new and used English books. My friends and I all have nice little sets of books that we swap around.

This month has been really interesting and I wish I could have seen something historical and Korean, but once winter rolls in I roll up and hibernate. My sightseeing days have been put on hold for a bit, which is fine. There is still a lot to do in my own area. For instance, Harry Potter is opening this week finally in Korea and a whole ton of us are going after work Wednesday night. I’m looking forward to it.

Thanksgiving was this month which was lovely, and Christmas is coming up soon. There have been lots of name drawings for swaps and gifts and dinner preparations made. I think it will be a warm December in terms of being with people and celebrating being together when we can’t be with our own families. I am looking forward to ringing in the new year here, and what it brings with it.

So, here’s to month 3. I hope it will be full of great stories to keep sharing with you all.