I can now read Korean. Awesome. Well, I don’t always know what I am reading, but I can make the sounds! I have been working really hard to learn Hangul and it’s finally all done.

Anyway this post isn’t about that, it’s about Christmas.

Christmas was definitely interesting here, as I knew it would be.

I decided that I would host a breakfast Christmas morning. So there were to be eggs, pancakes, fried potatoes, fruit, and of course mimosas. Everything was planned and chopped and ready, and then my friends all called one by one to tell me for some reason or another they wouldn’t be able to make it. I was pretty upset, but then Sara called to tell me that she was still coming whether we made breakfast or not. So she brought a dozen eggs and she and I did our own thing, which was way nice.

Then Eileen came over to help me peel potatoes for the mashed one I was taking over for Christmas dinner.  Last week we made them for our cooking exchange, which I haven’t made a post about yet but I will soon I promise because we made gooood stuff.

So potatoes were ready, secret santa gifts in hand, and everyone was waiting out for a cab. and we set off for Matt and Sarah’s. They are a couple with a nice sized apartment that offered to host the day.

Sara, Me, and Rachel before the festivities really began.

We had a really nice dinner, popped crackers filled with funny silly things, and exchanged out secret santa gifts.

I got a suuuuper awesome gift from Sarah, a kimbap maker.  Kimbap is like sushi but with no raw fish and way different veggies…ok so maybe just the rice and seaweed parts are the same, still I am super excited about trying it out soon.

Then we had amazing dessert and cheese. Seriously I was more excited about the Brie than just about anything else on Christmas day.After that someone had the silly idea to go shoot off some fireworkers and light some sparklers.  It would have been way awesome if it hadn’t been 10 degrees quite literally outside.  We walked for what felt like forever along the river, which was way frozen. Then when we could literally feel our limbs going numb we went back to the apartment for drinks and games.

we played a couple of rounds of Taboo and some British games then started our own little dance party. Tons of fun. Then finally after 12 hours of Christmas fun Sara and I called it a night and headed home.  Others stayed up until 630 the next morning but I was just too tired for that.

All in all it was lovely.  I got a really awesome gifts from the boyfriend and his family, a very generous gift from my dad, and I have a much needed box of goodies on the way from my mom.

Oh and Christmas finally brought about a name for my cat via the boyfriend. He is now known as Hans Von Mouseman. I think it is very fitting of my coat wearing cat.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying the massive snowstorms along the east coast.