With the beginning of the new year comes winter vacation for Korean children.  They get 1 month off in the winter from school.  Now at home this usually means kids wear pajamas for days on end and watch lots of television.  Of course, in Korea it means their parents send them to even more academies and they have just as much work as if they were in regular school.

We started a new schedule at my work and it has been a very rocky transition.  We have known the change was coming for months now. Literally it is the same every year.  Since the kids don’t have school we work days. 8:30-5:30…I might not make it through January for this very reason.  I am soooooo not a morning person, therefore these days are really awful. The other schedule is perfect for my night owl lifestyle.

Anyway, so this change over…originally we were supposed to have Wednesday as a free day for planning and organizing.  That was changed though and we just had regular classes. Well, it’s Wednesday and we still don’t know our new schedules.  We finally get them at 8:45pm. No joke. 12 hours before we have to be back at work with new classes, books, kids, etc. Then my boss thinks it is funny to laugh and ask why the foreign teachers work so hard when we are still at work at 11pm last night. I was fuming. We were still at work scrambling to organize so that we would be prepared for our 9am classes. If we had received our schedules and new books earlier then there would have been no late night and frustration.

I just don’t understand how some people can have a complete lack of disregard for us.  The Korean teachers all received their schedules mid day yesterday and were much more prepared and able to leave at a very reasonable hour.

I recognize this is really becoming a rant. So sorry about that, but the frustration being felt by the foreign teachers is really high today.

Anyway, so I have new classes. So far I like them. I am re-teaching some of my favorite classes from last semester which is fun.  Also, I am going to be working Saturdays in January which will be nice.  It is only for a couple of hours and totally worth the overtime.

Also, Korea…in winter…death trap.  It has been snowing here this week.  Snowing a couple of inches throughout the entire week…salt? salt? I am not sure they know what it is or at least not in mass amounts.  Quite literally they will walk on the sidewalk until the snow compacts down to a layer of nice and then continue to walk across it.  I have already fallen a couple of times because my shoes just don’t have the grip.  We are thinking about getting some cross country skis and poles to just take care of the problem. 🙂 In real life though its way dangerous and scary.  I am more afraid of dying by falling on the ice than I am of N. Korea. fact.

Overall, winter intensives…are intense.