It was very strange last night talking to people at home who were in a different year than I was in because of the time difference.

Yesterday was a very long day thanks to my new day schedule, but I managed to take a nap after work for an hour. Then we all got pretty and headed to Nowon to hang out at one of our places, Metropolis.

we were supposed to be making funny faces.

We decided last night to make the night fun by completing a list of challenges. My team won, of course and it was loads of fun. We had to do things like…

Trade clothes with a random guy. done.

convince the owner to let you work behind the bar. done.

sing a song on the mic to the whole room. done

fit as many snacks in your mouth as you can. done and done.

and there were about 20 of these silly things in total. I had a pretty awesome team.


At midnight we toasted champagne

and at 4am we finally left to get some food before heading home. We went to this random chinese place.  The kind where you have to know a guy to find the place. It was sooo good.

Then I came home and talked to the boyfriend before finally going to bed around 6. All in all an awesome way to start 2011.

Happy New Year.