I am 1 week shy of my 3 month mark here in Korea. Time was flying by until this week. Working days really makes the work day feel never ending. Things have been a mess there for me and I am just waiting for the talk I know is coming about something I am doing wrong. My boss just likes to find things to pick on sometimes.

Anyway, this monthly update comes with pictures! I realized during the holidays that my hair was becoming unmanageable here. I have really healthy hair and it can withstand a lot, but the dry gross weather and air here were just taking hair disasters to a whole new level so since I best Korean friend’s mom is a hairdresser I headed over to her salon and prayed really hard that when I asked her to chop off my hair that it would end well.

Korean and Western hair are soooo very different. Westerners tend to have much finer hair in comparison and it retains about ten times the water. Anyway, I showed her some pictures and she went to work. I was kind of panicked at one point as my friend Eileen made this noise that in the States means like yeaaaah that’s bad. Like sucking air loudly through your teeth. Yeah well as her mom is chopping away she makes this noise simply because my wet hair is curling and she is curious about the curly level of shorter hair or something, but I was scared to death her mom had slaughtered my hair or some such. Luckily though, it was just curiosity. Anyway before annnnd after 🙂

My hair grows waaaay fast here. It was like that in Denmark too. Very strange.

I looooooove it. Her mom did suuuch a good job.

Also, I am down 12 pounds and joining the gym this month. Body image really is something you are aware of all the time here. I eat such good food and its so healthy. I would stay here forever just for the cheap eats.

The holidays are over and things are settling down some, but there are still a lot of birthdays and things coming up.

And I need to take a moment to share with you something that made me terribly excited yesterday.  My mom sent me a package from home and I hadn’t received it and I was getting nervous that it got lost or something.  I called the post office and they said there was no such package. I was soooo frustrated. Then, yesterday this little guard my building has knocks on my door and tells me I need to come downstairs. Mostly we converse in gestures because he is probably 70 and his English is limited to “hello” and “what is your name?” so I followed him downstairs and my package from home has been sitting for a week in his office and no one thought to leave me a note or anything. I was kind of angry at first, but glad that it wasn’t lost. My mom though sent me sooooo much awesome stuff I can’t wait to really dig into it all. Spices, bullion cubes, peanut butter, mixes, candies, and Christmas stuff.

and of course Hans von Mouseman was very interested in the new box and just licked everything inside. He is so weird.

Overall, this month has just been busy and came to a sudden halt with the arrival of my day schedule at work.  I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the administration at work, and looking forward to the end of January and returning to a normal schedule.

This month I sat down and really studied the Korean language and can now succesfully read everything, even if I don’t know what the words mean. That part comes next. I love having my conversation and cooking classes with Eileen.  We put them on hold for the holidays and are trying to work around busy schedules and ridiculous work things.  If not they will pick up again in February.

I am also counting down until the end of March when hopefully it will start to warm up and I no longer have to wear a billion layers of clothes so that it doesn’t actually feel like the 7 degrees it really is outside most nights. I couldn’t stay here for a second year I don’t think just because I am a wimp for the cold and it is killing me here. It is a bitter, bitter winter in Korea.

I am looking forward to wrapping up month 3 and the first quarter of my adventure here.