Oh Korea…things don’t just happen here, they come in waves.

This past week my apartment has had one failure after another. It started small with a blown light bulb in the bathroom.

Then apparently a vent wasn’t closed properly in the boiler closet that I have never even opened by the way and so my pipes froze and I had no hot water for almost 5 days. Luckily, we had a day above 32F and so in those few “warm” hours they unfroze enough that they are now working fine. My boss kept asking me to wait before she sent someone over. um hello. NO HOT WATER isnt really something you can just go days without. Rachel, thankfully, was kind enough to let me use her shower.

Now I am pretty sure my washer is on the fritz. It keeps hitting error on the spin cycle. Not pleasant. and my fridge doesn’t seal properly which is going to kill my electric bill. For the moment duct tape works, though I just don’t know why they never update these darn things.

When Eileen came over and saw all of my appliances she was kind of shocked by the ancient-ness of them. I am also afraid my boss would try and make me pay for it which wouldn’t be fair. So for now I am just trying to keep things together with tape and lots of stern threats aimed at my appliances.

Also, can someone please tell me why I decided to come to Korea while they of course have a winter that is one of the coldest in the entire history of the nation. No really, why?

Only one week left of my ridiculous day schedule then it’s back to my night owl ways that come so much more natural than this 8:30-5:30 business.