Yesterday Eileen and I made Gimbap..or kimbap. same same in Korean.

So we decided to make chamchi (tuna) gimbap because yesterday at work my boss gave us our new year gifts.  Next week is the Chinese/Lunar new year which is a huge holiday and apparently one where you get gifts. sooooo I got this nice box set of tuna and canned meat. I gave the meat to Eileen as it is not something I could ever make myself eat. I’m a picky child like that.

so we bought all the stuff and then got to work.  Kimbap is very similar to sushi but not similar all at the same time. The rice is mixed with sesame oil and salt instead of rice vinegar and a sugar and salt mixture.

Of course I took pictures sooooo here is a cooking lesson for you. 🙂

First, we made the rice, egg, and carrots. Then we washed, chopped, and put things into bowls and set up our working stations.

1. Put your rice (bap) mixture on to your seaweed (kim)

2. add your sesame leaves

3. add your tuna (chamchi)

4. Next add your strip of egg that was scrambled before hand.

5. Add your quick cooked carrots.

6. Add some chopped chilies. Also, usually Koreans add spinach but we used Chickory because I already had some in the fridge.

7. Add a strip of pickled radish and this root guy. Lastly top with some Mayo and roll it all up.

slice it up and enjoy!

We had such a huge and pretty plate of kimbap.

We ran out of tuna so we made a veggie roll too with lots of egg. so yummy.