This week has been a holiday week for most of Asia as it is time for the Lunar New Year. In Korea it is called gujeong. We got a 5 day weekend which has been super nice and much needed after having such an awful month of intensives.

If course per usual since he runs such an informative blog, Ask A Korean! wrote a brief but pretty to the point blog about the new year traditions in Korea.

This year is the year of the Rabbit.  I am super interested in this since I was born in the year of the Rabbit and so all of this talk about traits, and attitudes had me doing a bit of research on just what it means to be a Rabbit. I found this website to be the most useful.

I apparently am a fire rabbit. no arguments there I am also an Aries and if you know me you know I fit that to a tee.  So rabbit qualities:

creativity, compassion, and sensitivity

Rabbits believe strongly in friends and family and lacking such bonds can lead to emotional issues

Classy, sophisticated, expressive, well-mannered and stylish.

enjoy leaning about cultural issues and learning about people from other countries

Rabbits make excellent diplomats and politicians

Fire adds spark to the Rabbit’s personality and all that Fire Rabbits do. Fire compels Rabbits to seek new adventures. Prone to tantrums, Fire Rabbits prefer to avoid conflict.

Me? oh please, yes. The universe has me molded too well, of this I am sure. The only way I don’t always exhibit signs of the rabbit are when it comes to dealing with conflicts. Now, I do hate conflicts and confrontations make me nauseous, but I can do them when I have to.  Also, I kind of thrive on stress, even though I will be the first to admit it’s not healthy. I get things done under pressure and under stress and after a minor freak out. Can’t be perfect, right?

And what does the year of the rabbit mean for Korea? Apparently its a year to sit back and have few worries, the rabbit is after all quite lucky.  I hope this means we won’t have to deal with anymore irrational behavior from our kind neighbors to the North, at least through October.

However, as for my personal horoscope this site says I should probably not count on the luck and watch my back:

This year at work, there is a lot of pressure for the rabbit, social relationships may not be too good when dealing with bosses and fellow colleagues, disputes may occur.

This is a very bad fortune year for the rabbit. Not only it is difficult for you to earn bucks, you may encounter money loss that may cause you to result in financial crisis. You should be more aware of your spending as well as being extra careful whe dealing with money. Do not rely on others, and avoid doing any business. You should be careful on any investment or being a guarantor is not advisable. As for those that are doing business, you may consider to stay low profile and avoid any big investment. Strong advise to avoid stock investment or any form of gambling. NOTE TO SELF…don’t put your money in stocks this year. done and done.

This year health is not pleasant as there is an evil star in it. Health for the rabbit will be relatively poor, pay extra attention on the gastrointestinal problems, you are also prone to Xueguang. You should develop good eating habits, have healthy meal and eat on time. You will also be prone to limbs injury, be careful when handling metal tool, stay as far away as you can. When you are not in a good mood, you should avoid going out, such as the inevitable need to drive or travel. Pay attention to safety this year, avoid situation that may triggers your emotion and provoke unnecessary trouble. And second NOTE TO SELF avoid those metal tools.

oh man the things I have to look forward to this year. Good thing I don’t really put my trust in this kind of thing or I would be living under the covers until January 2012.