In Korea Valentine’s Day is a bit different.  First off, girls don’t get anything.  This days is only for boys.  Boys receive gifts from girls that like them. Then one month later there is a holiday called White Day. On this day boy’s will pick from the girls that gave them gifts and let them know they are the one they choose.  It’s very Sadie Hawkins and also I think a way for candy companies to get twice as much. I’m on to them. 🙂

Anyway, my Valentine’s Day was spent at work doing the norm and then I went to a larger grocery store than my normal shop with a couple of girl friends.  We were doing fine until the cheese then we all caved and brought home gouda and brie that was much outside of a normal priced block of cheese back home, but totally worth it.Also I found wheat bread and almost peed my pants with excitement.

Then we found the salmon sashimi platter. We knew we were done in for it then.  So we brought our goods home and had a little midnight snack of delicious treats.  We laughed and talked and I had a great hour with them. We finished up with delicious Belgian Chocolates that Sara gave both Rachel and I as a Vday gift.

Our amazing spread. I swear I gained all my weight back just looking at that cheese.

Lastly, my loft is now named Pride Rock like in the Lion King.  Hans has decided he likes to sit up there and gaze down upon his kingdom in a ‘everything the light touches is your son.” kind of way.  He looks so judgey up there gazing upon us and our treats.

He’s so cute.

Happy Valentine’s Day!