This weekend was a great one.  Saturday I went again with some friends to Volunteer at the Angel House Orphanage.  We had a great time and this time I worked mainly in the kitchen.

However, the new and exciting experience happened Sunday.  On Saturday night over a nice grill of galbi we decided we all needed a trip to the spa which is always a lovely idea to entertain.  In the States though I find when you think of spa days you should probably think of digging deep into your pocket for all the money it will cost you and prep yourself for some closed door relaxation.

Now forget all that because Korea is nothing of the sorts.  We went to Dragon Hill Spa. They have gotten reviews on CNN and in The New York Times.  We went and had a very relaxing and interesting experience. It was wicked cheap.  Only 12 dollars for the whole day.

We all had to get very friendly because you literally spend the entire day minus lunch in the nude.  Not something any of us minded so much but definitely not something we considered normal coming from a North American culture.  It also is very interesting considering the conservative nature that Korean culture has.  However, since the spas are separated by gender floors there becomes this less taboo attitude about everything.  It really is an experience where you can choose to make it totally relaxing or be really self conscious and let that ruin your day, so after about 5 minutes of feeling slightly awkward I decided that I really just wanted to spend the day relaxing and gabbing and I did just that.

In the spa there were maybe 10 or so pools that were all different temperatures and types that were good for different things.  One was a Japanese sulfur, then a skin healing that had tea tree oil, rosemary, and lavender. Another natural salt water and then some cool and cold and warm and hot some indoor and outdoor with jets without didn’t matter. Whatever you wanted, they had it.  And it was great.  There were also all types of saunas which was nice.

After you are all soaked and sauna-ed you go to these little stations that have mini showers and you sit and scrub and scrub and scub as much as you can.  Then you apply all these lotions and seriously you leave feeling like a million bucks.  Your skin is soooooo smooth and bright and fresh and your whole body is relaxed and you feel like half the toxins in your body were washed out and scrubbed off by the end of the day.

The place was rather large and has common areas for people to meet and eat and hang out.  There were a lot of families there and tons of kids getting scrubbed down by their moms and splashing around.  Also, most jimjabangs are open 24 hours so there are places to sleep and you get this little uniform to wear while you arent in the pools so everyone is matching and it is quite humorous.

We decided to make it a once a month trip.  There are also other spas really close to my house that are even cheaper which is just way hard to imagine.  You can literally spend 5am to 8pm, or 8pm to 5am, and it counts as a day all for such a low cost.

I felt very Grecian or Roman hanging out in baths all day, but it was really great.  I loved getting to see another piece of Korean culture and discussing it with my friends and dissecting it while enjoying it. Can’t wait to do it again. ^_^