Tuesday we finalized everything for the boyfriend’s flight. I was super excited and already counting down the days until July 21st, and by counting down you know I mean like I just happened to notice that at that time it was 135 days away not really counting because who really counts that far in advance right?

So anyway, I went to work looked at my calendar and decided to put in for my vacation time. I figured giving my boss 4 months and 19 days (again who’s counting, right?) would be plenty of time in advance, and I put it in writing just to cover all my bases. Only I gave it to her, she looked at me, looked at the dates and laughed. She laughed at me.

She then tried to tell me that because we will be on a summer intensives schedule that taking time on a M,W,F would be impossible.  there would be absolutely no way for her to find a substitute, you know 4 months and 19 days in advance. really? really? not at all? eh?

I was growing more and more frustrated with her as she proceeded to take me into the teachers work room where all of our desks are and continue to spread all of my business throughout the office. Thanks for being so professional Ma’am. She is having Eileen tell me the same thing she had just told me.  Then I grew so overwhelmed that I kind of broke and cried. I know that at 23 I shouldn’t be crying at work over something like this, but I had been so excited and she ripped all of that away by telling me that even though he will be here for 5 weeks and I am only asking for 4 days of my 10 off that it just can’t be done. right.

She then decided that she would take them into further consideration and see what she could do. Here is the kicker though, I had a co-worker during winter intensives take 3 vacation days one a Monday and one a Friday. So why the double standard you ask? Yeah I couldn’t get a reason either.

The day only got better when I misread the schedule and wasn’t there to teach a class that I was supposed to be in and she came barreling into the office when I got back demanding I get to my class right away because Rachel was having to teach it. She was a saint for covering for me.  After class though apparently my boss could tell I was still mad at her for the earlier fiasco and asked Eileen why I couldn’t just let it go.  Rachel said it best by pointing out we aren’t goldfish our rebound and attention rates aren’t 3 seconds. Of course I am still mad at her.

Rachel being awesome bought almond kisses and a coke and left them with a funny note on my desk after my class.

I still won’t look at or talk to my boss. She is one of those people that really really hates when people are upset with her and has to fix it. Well, until she tells me that we can get a sub and I get my days that are in my contract, then I will be unprofesh too and just pretend she isn’t even there. Childish, but effective as many stories from previous similar instances suggest.

The good news is that there is time to worry about it later.