I have been such a foodie lately eating so many good things.  Unfortunately not all of them healthy. I have eaten more galbi than I care to admit within the last few weeks. I have been testing out more Korean foods and realizing Koreans make it sound a lot more difficult than it really is.  I think they do this on purpose because whenever I mention that I made something they look at me like I suddenly have 3 heads and proceed to be shocked when I explain it was relatively easy. So it goes.

Anyway in the past 2 weeks or so I have really mastered the kimchi bokembap. I crave it constantly but I limit how often I make it because it is so carb heavy. I also forget every time to take a picture of it.

I got brave and decided to try my hand at dak galbi. It was delicious.

and just to get in a little closer:

I have fallen in love with this very common Korean snack called Dduk Bbokki.  Again, super easy to make and uber delicious. Though mine isn’t so bad I still prefer the little vendor outside my apartment building.  The woman and her husband run it, and they are so incredibly kind and awesome.  I wish I could watch her make it, because its just the perfect amount of sweet and spicy.  Also, it isn’t supposed to have mushrooms, but I like them in everything and they were starting to go bad so I figured what the heck and threw them in.  I am sure my Korean co-workers will have something to say about that. 🙂

I realize that these dishes kiiiind of look the same, but I promise they aren’t. ^_^

Then this week I tried some new things.  One dish I had out for lunch on Saturday is called bibim naengmyeon.  It was delicious.  It will probably be something I live on in summer because it is such a common summer food.  I totally understand.  It is so light and delicious.

Then I had something a little more obscure that was kind of a mental challenge for me to eat.  It is called Al Tang. It literally is fish egg soup.  The link will take you and show you pictures of red eggs, but the ones we had were white and in these white casing and it was just a little overwhelming for me to get over at first.  However, once I broke all the eggs apart from their clumps I realized it didn’t taste bad, it was actually pretty good.  Still, not something I will try and make, or really go around wanting to have again.

On Saturday night we went to a Vietnamese place.  I love Pho. absolutely adore it. I was getting pretty full though and asked for a to go container.  The guy looked at me and then looked at Eileen and was astonished because if I took it home the noodles would blow up.  I chuckled.  In the US I eat left over pho and I like it.  I don’t think it’s too weird but Korean really get concerned about their noodles.  So the guy comes back with a bag and literally he has given me a bag of fresh noodles and broth so that I can just make more.  I felt bad but it is just how Korean are sometimes.

All in all, I am definitely eating well!