wow…has it been another month already?

This month went by really fast. really, really fast.  We finally for real booked the booked the boyfriend’s ticket booked.  I can’t wait!

I got into a huge fight with my boss. She threatened to fire me because she completely misunderstood everything that happened which was awful and kind of forced me to realize that even when you’re the most stubborn person ever sometimes you just don’t get a chance to explain yourself.  Sometimes you just have to bow your head, say you’re sorry and hope that your work life doesn’t get worse. It still sucks, but hey I got at least the three days in August I wanted.

I got to meet up with a friend I studied with in Denmark that I haven’s seen since June 2008.  Then I realized just how long I had been away from Europe and how much I still miss it. Then all of this led to me realizing the difference between here and there.  In Europe I was studying so I got long breaks, I didn’t have to go to class if I didn’t want to, I could travel and explore.  Here I feel more chained.  Every day I do the same thing for the most part.  Wake up, gym, shower, food, work, sleep. rinse and repeat.  And I know this is the way life is for 90% of people it really just kills me that I feel this way at 23. I hate that I can’t just call in sick and take a day off here. so it goes.

But hey on a better note it is officially a little less than a month until my birthday! I love birthdays and I can’t wait to see what goes down here.  I have already started planning my 80’s themed party.  It is so easy to find clothes that look like 1984 threw up on them here.

Also, I rearranged my apartment. Cue the pictures and funny story…well, I will try and make it funny because it might be a need to be there story.

So, the other day I found a couch on the sidewalk.  My friend Tom helped me carry it home.  I decided that I wanted to put my bed up in the loft because I really wanted a separation from where I sleep to where people are when they come to my apartment.  I was feeling much to collegy and not using my space to its fullest potential.

Anyway, so I was going to have the boys help, only Rachel, Sara, and I decided we could do it alone…then Sara got tied up sooo it was just Rachel and I.  We took the mattress off and slowly took the frame apart.  The frame wasn’t quite so heavy and neither was the headboard, buuuut the mattress was another story.  It really is suuuuuper heavy because the box springs and mattress are all in the same little layer. Anyway so I am sitting on my ladder trying to pull, she is pushing, and I have a terrible case of the nervous giggles.  Then we have to turn it over flat to actually get it in the loft.  Only its really heavy and its really high up in the loft. She thinks she will be crushed and I just picture a movie scene moment and then laughed harder and almost dropped it and then was sad that no one there was to watch this feat we had accomplished. So here are the pictures of the semi finished project.  I want to get another low table and one of my walls is uber bare so I need to get some posters or something to hang up. I also got this plant from Rachel and thought it would look perfect on the table only the cat has tried to eat it repeatedly like cats doooo so I might just be plantless here.

so now I have a little sitting area and its all comfy.

My card/postcard hanging wall ^_^

and now my little loft nook:

Hopefully this next month will continue to be enjoyable and trouble free.