The kitty and I had a photo shoot yesterday.  He’s just so handsome.  He has been better about destroying things.  He loves eating plants…and the broom…and silly bands if he finds them. No matter how asleep he is, if I open a can of tuna he magically appears. He will sit and watch the washing machine even after it floods the bathroom flood with wash water, but is completely terrified of the toilet flushing.  He’s so strange.

He has also gotten more adjusted to my schedule which is helpful though his lazy self sleeps all day when I am home, like most cats would so we play fetch and hang out mostly when I get home from work.

soooo kitty picture overlooooooad!

I like the weird furry focus on this one.

and his head looks silly in this one.

I think some of them well end up on my Flickr maybe if I decide I think they are good enough. I haven’t added anything new there in awhile because I haven’t been feeling totally inspired lately to pick up my camera, but with the arrival of spring I hope that changes.

Kitty eskimo kisses

and furry kitty kisses. 🙂