Many times my kids say some really funny things, or write them in their journals and I always mean to share them on here but then I forget, which I hate buuuut yeah.

h’okay so. Today’s episode was just too funny not to share. I warn you it might be slightly offensive?

I was teaching GS 3 science today.  The class is composed of 2 girls and 3 boys.  The boys are silly and are always talk, talk, talking.  Today’s unit involved making shapes out of tangrams.  We went over the usual square, triangle, lozenge and then put together numbers, cats, foxes, people, and so on.  Once we were done and had time to kill I let them create their own shapes.  I made a butterfly at one point and then moved on to the next shape when one of the boys was like look teacher I made a butterfly with a 고추=gochu I was like hochu? pepper? a butterfly with a pepper? Then I realized that I had just had a conversation with my friends about how the word pepper and penis were ridiculously similar in Korean to the point that foreigners often say it wrong.

So I have this kid pointing to this blue lozenge telling me its a butterfly penis. Really kid? I was like ummm what?! the other kids were giggling and I was kind of in shock.  I quickly tried to explain how that was really inappropriate and make him stand with his hands up, which he refused to do after telling me no and got in bigger trouble for, but anyway it was ridiculous.  He is this little, whacky, 7 year old kid telling me he made a butterfly to top mine because his had a penis. Kids these days I tell ya.

on a side note the word for vagina and tuna are also a very similar sound annnd I think I have been saying the wrong version while ordering my kimbap.  No wonder the woman always looks at me a little funny. sheesh.

And, tomorrow we are supposed to be getting radioactive rain. Awesome.  They are saying only trace amounts, but I am kind of hoping for some Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs kind of action. ^_^