I am half way through this adventure in Korea now and feeling kind of weary about the next couple of months.  The month of April has been birthday month like crazy but May will be the month of goodbyes.  and these goodbyes will continue on through August.

However, this entry is supposed to be about all the awesome things I did in the last month.  First, I had my own birthday.  I had a really awesome one thanks to my friends here.  Sadly though, because Facebook has changed its privacy settings, which is good but just a little annoying, I can no longer steal pictures from my friends when they post, so I don’t actually have any pictures from my actual birthday that are really cute.  However, I think maybe if you try this link you can see one.

I got so much awesome mail! I love getting mail and I received birthday boxes galore.  The door guy downstairs must have thought I was having everything I owned shipped over. Lots of good stuff.

Then this past weekend I had a 1980s themed outing.  It was a ton of fun.  All the girls came over to get ready and help each other with the high hair and crimping.

I think we looked pretty awesome. Though, maybe we still missed the authentic mark a bit.  In our defense most of us weren’t even born until the later 80s. What do we know?

We had a really great night out.  Lots of dancing and fun and the usual kebab breakfast before we came home.

Then yesterday Rachel and I went to Yeouido to look at the cherry blossoms.  There is a huge festival somewhere outside the city, but this is the best place to see them in the city.  We were given misdirections a bit and never made it to the river where they are in huge abundance, but we found a pretty park that had all the ones we needed.  I am not having terrible allergy issues, but it is worth it for sure.  They were gorgeous.

then a close up:

There were so many in this one area. It was awesome.

Then I found this little bee helping with pollination and he’s going to be going up on my Flickr account for sure.

We also saw a statue of  Sejong the Great of Joseon.  He invented Hangul, the Korean language in 1446.

then we found some cool kids running around:

I definitely wanted to snatch them up and bring them home.

Then me with the blossoms. I am wearing a jacket but it was actually really warm by lunch time.

Otherwise this month has just been a lot of celebrating and spending quality time with friends and trying to make sure everyone fits in all of their sight seeing before they leave.  I am still liking my classes, and now that I have been here for 6 months my boss can no longer threaten to fire me.

So now I am on the downhill slope and looking forward to getting to see much more of Korea now that the weather is more cooperative!