A couple of weekends ago we all got together to celebrate the birthday of my friend Sarah. She decided to host her party at the soju tents we go to in Changdong.  We were all pretty excited as the tents are always a good time.

Gun the owner is a really awesome guy.  He always brings over things and wants us to try them, like the sea pineapple experience I had. Sarah’s birthday brought with it live octopus.  It’s funny because the boyfriend and I had just been talking about it and I swore I could never do it.  However, Gun brought over this plate with squirming, moving little octopus legs and I realized like everyone else, I was just going to have to try it.

Lucky for my a friend was there with his camera setting on video haha so you all get to see the experience just like they did. 🙂

So it was weird at first because it really does suction to your mouth so you have to chew it pretty quickly.  Also, octopus is cooked is really chewy and I don’t care for it much for that reason, however raw it really is an acceptable texture for me.

I would totally eat it again!