Umbrella companies will never go out business in Korea. Seriously, they use umbrellas for every kind of weather element.  At first I thought it was kind of humorous and now I find it down right annoying.

In the winter I was surprised when every time it snowed , andwent the umbrellas.  Winter hats clearly weren’t good enough.  Then of course logically when it rains up they go.  Then there is the case of the Korean allergy to sun.  Therefore, when it is sunny all the ajummas put on their visors and up go the umbrellas.

It also is unfortunate that they use them so often because the height difference between me and most Korean women leaves the pointy parts of the umbrella at my eye level.  I can’t tell you how many times I thought I was going to lose an eye.

It has been raining a good bit lately and people that already don’t believe in personal boundaries take that mentality right along into their umbrella etiquette, too.  It is quite unfortunate and at times frustrating.

You can buy huge umbrellas everywhere and for ridiculously cheap.  I feel like every person owns at least 3 and I know in my closet alone there are 4 from others before me.  Every time I see my coworkers they are sporting a different shape or color.

They just love the umbrella here.