I have officially been in Korea for 7 months.

This past month has been a pretty good one.  The weather has been getting better and better, even if it is much more rainy.

Rachel and I decided to poke around and found our way up on the roof of our building.  there are signs posted to make you think an alarm will go off.  All lies. Instead we found amazing little garden boxes and weird chicken birds that look a little like hawks.  I want to take some pictures but haven’t remembered to take my camera up yet…cause you know it’s so far away and stuff. Point is, it has been nice that in this past month I have been able to grab a towel and a book and just sit on the roof trying to absorb some vitamin D that is fighting its way through the smog and pollution that is trying to fracture it in all directions or something.  Meteorology was two years ago at this point. how sad.

This month I realized I have officially been out of college for 2 years which means it is time to really think about going back.  I know that is some ways off since I would need to study for and take the GRE but still, I have been missing the role of being a student lately.

This month my friend Eileen celebrated her birthday with a masquerade party.  It was a lot of fun for the most part.  The best part though is that she took the opportunity to raise money for the Angel House, the orphanage that we have been volunteering at.  She raised over $300 which is just amazing.  She is such a great and giving person!

And of course I took some pictures of the night soooo here are a couple from the masquerade party:

Me, Eileen, and Rachel

Me and my coworkers minus Eileen.

Also this month I have been spending a lot of time with Rachel, Sara, and Catherine as pretty much all of them are leaving soon starting with Catherine this coming Tuesday.

A couple of weekends ago we went to a very affluent part of town where people drive porches, BMWs, and even Volkswagons which are expensive imports here.  We found this amazing little Italian place on a side street that was amazingly delicious.  I think we all were craving something that wasn’t Korean at all.  Of course we found one of our favorite, and very common mistakes on the menu:

Crap meat! In Korean the symbol that makes a B sound is also used to make a P sound sometimes soooo…crab meat and crap meat are often confused.

Buddha had a birthday recently and their was the national holiday here called Children’s Day, and that brought with it a small two day vacation that was both needed and necessary.   I never get a day off.  Even when I am sick with mild food poisoning like a couple of weeks ago, I have no choice but to show up.  In my contract I am given 3 sick days, buuuut my boss is…my boss.

Anyway, even though she can be SOOOO difficult sometimes, for once she was awesome and convinced our company to pay us before the holiday instead of paying us 5 days late because of the holidays and weekend. So we decided to take advantage of the early pay.  Rachel and I decided we would go to Everland.  Now I thought it would be an amusement park like a classic Six Flags or Carowinds, but alas it was very much geared toward children.  There was a redeeming factor though, the T Express.  It was raining when we went and we were lucky that the storms had pretty much passed by the time we finally arrived.  I love that Korea is so great about public transportation, but I made a joke about cross country skiing all the way there by the time I had take a bus, an hour long subway ride, and then another hour long bus ride, and a shuttle bus to finally arrive there in the first place.

I also realize that things like Everland should have their own post, but I just kept putting it off and now I am just trying to cram in a lot.  Sorry, guys!!

The T Express is legitimately the scariest thing I have ever been on.  For one there is a bar across your lap but not one on the actual car that you hold on to, just the lap bar.  You literally can’t stay in your seat going down the first hill.  It is awesome and so frightening.  Of course, we rode it twice.


The entrance.  It was still sprinkling then.

The T Express. You can’t even see the scary drop, but we were still definitely psyching ourselves out.

Part of the kids show and the other side of the T Express

There was a part of the park that had really pretty and awesome gardens.  It was also supposed to be Holland, which I feel is a really random choice, but whatevs.

Oh you know…we had too.  There are ones of Rachel too, but I don’t really feel okay posting them…so just me ^_^

Really awesome tree that was near the entrance.  The park closed at 9pm so we got to see it in the day time and at night and it was pretty awesome.  Also, we rode the T Express at both day and night which was awesome because it’s wayyyyy worse at night.

All is well and I still feel like time is flying.  The boyfriend is graduating soon and will be here to visit in 2 months.  I just can’t believe it’s already so close.

I know too that I need to start really trying to find a job soon.  I have been browsing and stuff, but soon I really am going to have to update the resume and get things going.  If you know anyone in Western NC that is hiring let me know. ha.

Until then though this month should be interesting and I am looking forward to it.