This past week Rachel’s mom was here visiting.  We had dinner a couple of times together.  One night after work we went to get dak galbi which is barbequed chicken marinated in this awesome spicy sauce.  It was totally delicious and didn’t make me feel as awkward afterward as the pork galbi we usually eat does. We also decided to make Mrs. Shires try soju.  It was a really good night and again, the food was awesome. Also, Rachel’s mom told me like 30 times I should be a food photographer.  I told her I just like sharing my food escapades with you all.


cooking up nicely.

then you make a little wrap with lettuce, garlic, salady stuff, and whatever other sides you want. and then eat it up. yum!

Then after the meat we got these delicious noodles.  I thought they were buckwheat but Joanne says they are something else.  Either way they are on my favorite foods list.

We had some nice Korean guys take some photos for us, too.

Then Friday night after work Eileen made some really delicious soup for dinner.  I have had sundubu before but it has never been one of my favorites.  When she made it though I was in total bliss.  She used pork instead of seafood and it wasn’t as oily as the kind at our local Gimbap place.

We had a big spread of gimbap, kimchi, radish, these egg things, and such good soup.  Definitely something she promises I can learn to make soon.

sooo goood!

This week was way busy and I feel like I haven’t had time to breath but it was a lot of fun!