Eileen’s mom found a kitten in the trash covered in ants and dust.  She took it home and cleaned it up.  It still has an umbilical cord attached and its eyes are closed up tight.  Basically it is no more than 3 days old.  She took it to the vet and they said it was good and strong and gave her instructions on how to care for it.

She needed Rachel and I to baby-sit for a couple of hours today and I couldn’t help but take pictures.  Srsly it is soooo small.  it has a tiny cry and drinks from a tiny bottle and has the tiniest little paws.  I wish I could keep it and care for it but A, if it died I would be devastated and B. I think my parents wouldn’t be pleased with me bringing home two cats.  Also, if it has a sickness I don’t want Hans getting sick and stuff.

it was no more than 5 inches long and just so sweet. It has this cuuuute little lion face and I just kept wrapping it up like a little burrito and rocking it and cooing at it….so basically it was a real little baby for me hahaha.

and to give you some perspective here is a picture of Rachel holding it earlier.

lion face! It’s nose almost seems too big for its little face.

and now for a Hans picture.  He is obsessed with bags.  He loves them paper and plastic, big and small alike.  Makes no difference to him. Tonight I look over and he is sleeping in this bag. He’s so weird sometimes.