My friend Jessica lives in Mapo and often spends weekends with us in Nowon.  She suggested that since we both share a love of makkoli, a Korean rice wine, that we get together and have a night of it.  I was excited and so Jessica, Rachel, Sara, and I headed to a cute little place to get our makkoli…only the place isn’t there anymore.

One of the hardest parts about living in Korea is that businesses come and go in the blink of an eye and you never know when something will just not work out and then suddenly 3 days later something new is in its place.

So we found a different place to go that also only served tofu.  We got some really delicious food, had some makkoli,  and some good conversation.

Jessica and Sara getting it ready.  One of the awesome things about makkoli is that you get to actually drink it by the bowlful, which is awesome in every way ever.

One of the dishes we ordered was this really good fish.  However, this guy shows up with his head and tail still in tact. He even had teeth!

and last night was also our friend Jun Soo’s 30th (31 Korean)  birthday party.  We went to Met to help him celebrate and play darts…basically the usual routine. It was a really good night.