Last week Rachel, Sara and I decided to take a day trip to the beach. I was looking forward to the trip all week.  These 8 months are the longest I have ever spent not going to the beach or just a body of water since I was 12. I was feeling so landlocked and trapped in this city.  I need a break from it something terrible.

Then on Friday night we met up with J and her boyfriend Jackie.  They wanted to go to the beach, too, and Jackie said he would drive us.  He is Korean and his cousin owns a car rental place.  We all told him we would chip in for gas, and the plan was set.

We left my area at 8:30 Sunday morning.  We had to ride the subway for about an hour to the stop where we decided to all meet up.  We had to transfer once and somehow managed to miss that there was a branch poorly labeled and the train made no effort to let us know that we would need to be careful in choosing which one we got on.  Sure enough we ended up on the wrong train and at the wrong stop.  After a lot of phone frustration we realized we were at the place.  Luckily. it was only 10 minutes away from the right place and since they already had the car they just came to pick us up.

Sara took a picture of us ‘looking lost’.

Once we were in the car we drove another hour or so down to where the airport is.  There are a lot of little islands dotting the coast and a lot of coastline just waiting to be laid on.

Before we got to the beach itself we decided to get lunch.  Of course seafood is always best at the coast even though it is still really fresh here in  general.  If you order seafood here most of the time one of the servers goes out front and picks your dinner out of the fish tanks outside the building. The ocean is no more than 3 or 4 hours away on either side.

So Jackie ordered us some really delicious seafood noodle soup and then this crab soup.  Both were really good but the crab was a disaster for me.  I have never eaten crab out of the shell that I can remember so I had NO CLUE what I was doing.  We had chopsticks and a pair of scissors that Koreans use to cut everything in their kitchens.  Jackie cut the crabs in half.  I had no idea what I was supposed to eat or not.  Then I cut my finger. Basically, I was a hot mess.  I wasn’t the only one, though!  J also struggled while New Englanders Sara and Rachel went to town. Once I finally got some meat I mixed it in with my soup and decided it was all totally worth it.

Crab soup before it cooked and everything cooked down.

Just a crab hanging out cooking and stuff. Getting ready to make my life difficult and cut open my finger.

This soup was soooo good. Light and peppery.

The aftermath of shells and legs.

After lunch it was time to hit the beach!

Okay so you should know that in Korea people don’t wear bathing suits.  It is becoming slowly more popular, but even if they wear them they wear all of their clothes over them.  Koreans will play in the sand and water and be covered head to toe in wet gross sand in their full clothing outfits.  I know it is their culture, but I would not want to be the mom that had to go home and wash those clothes. no way. not ever. But with small children I swear I saw more naked bottoms than ever.  Kids were playing in full clothes and then slowly would work down to their underwear and then waddle to the car naked with no towel or anything. Or the kid who was wearing his little green shirt. That’s all. no pants. no underwear, just a long sleeved green shirt.   I just don’t really understand. We foreigners get looks outside the city as it is, but foreigners in bikinis most assuredly brought us attention.  We were openly gaped at, received icy glares, were told to put on clothes, and asked to be in pictures.  Pretty much a normal day for a foreigner in Korea. It was kind of amusing and we didn’t let it get us down at all.

Of course we saw a ton of umbrellas.

He was sooooo excited about the water.

Our little set up on the sand.  I didn’t get burned this time! yay!

Everyone decided to have a race.  Jackie gave the girls a 20 meter (66ft)  head start. He definitely almost beat them.  I really like this shot I got of him.

Action jump shot on the beach! I had such a great day with these girls.  It was perfect.  No stress, no drama. Just good fun and sun.  There were plenty of times where no one was even talking.  We were just laying there silent and listening to music, napping, or reading.  Just what a day at the beach should be.

When the tide went out and it happened way fast and went out super far.  I am not sure if it had to do with the full moon or what but it was crazy.

Once we decided to leave the beach we went to get some dinner.  Jackie took us to a seafood place that was famous for being on a Korean drama. We got a plate of hot prawns and basket of shelled things and cooked them on the grill at our table.

There was a mussel the size of a human face in there.  At first I was a little apprehensive because I have a terrible fear of getting food poisoning from seafood.  Everything was fine, except I felt like everything I ate was sandy. Still soooo good though. Especially the scallops. They were divine.


A day that is definitely in my top 3 favorites ever to be had in Korea.