I haven’t posted in forever. I suppose I haven’t really done anything new or exciting.  I haven’t even been cooking.  I am blaming monsoon season,  what literally has been weeks of rain with only a few scattered days of clouds or sunshine. I don’t mind rain.  It’s nice and cools everything off, but after days of endless rain it really starts to wear on a person.

I feel like pretty soon if Chanticleer doesn’t come back well…we all might just drown…or get eaten by owls or something.  and I feel like that’s totally a reference only my mom will get.

I started a new set of classes at work.  So far they are going pretty well.  They will all change again in about 2 weeks, but that’s okay with me.

And speaking of two weeks, today marks the official 2 week countdown start until The Boyfriend arrives.  In 14 little days I can take the forever long train ride to the airport to pick him up.  It is strange in how it seems like it was just a couple of weeks ago that we were even buying his ticket, and now he is almost here! Also, my boss had this weird day where she gave me all of the vacation time I asked for all those months ago, meaning I will get to spend 5 whole days not working while he is here and a 3 day vacation the whole company gets. Assah!

Of course though his arrival comes with the departure of Rachel and Sara.  They are currently traveling around Vietnam.  I am totally jealous.  They had a going away party a couple of weekends ago.  Our Korean friend Ken was there and brought all kinds of cameras with him.  One of them happened to be a fujifilm instax.  He let us take as many pictures as we wanted.  I took pictures of the pictures even though someone had put their grimy thumbprints on them which made me sad.

I also am looking to buy the instax 210, or maybe a different model I haven’t decided yet, for myself in the next couple of weeks.  They are a lot of fun and a good way to get some instant memories.

So, here are some of the pictures we took.  They also aren’t that great because the lighting inside Met is pretty low and using a flash was too reflective. annnd of course it was raining and I had forgotten my umbrella for the 5000000 time since monsoon season started so I had to pin back my bangs which made me sad.

The last one I got to keep for myself, and it sits in a little holder on my desk at work.

It was a good night. Lots of fun, laughs, darts, tears, and ‘hey remember that time….”

I should be posting more often after the next week or so.  I have mudfest coming up, and then all of the adventures to be had with The Boyfriend including our trip to Samcheok and a national park on top of all the awesome sightseeing to be had in Seoul