This past weekend I went with a group to the Boryeong Mud Festival.  The name is pretty much exactly what it is, a festival where everyone just plays in the mud.  It was awesome. so awesome.

We left Nowon at 6:00am and met the Discover Korea group around 7:30am and by 8 we were headed to the coast.  The festival was on the eastern coast and about a 2.5 hour bus ride.

We got there settled in and hit the beach. I didn’t want to take my camera because I had no desire to get it muddy.  Therefore, I kicked it old school and took a Kodak disposable with me for the trip.

This is the view from our pension of the area.

Right before we all got muddy.  There were 11 of us all together in our little group.  We had 5 girls and 6 guys.  We had this little loft split floor room going on and slept 5 upstairs in a row all squished in a space made for 3 at the most and the guys did the same on the bottom floor.  Totally worth it though.  We didn’t sleep much anyway.

At one station there was colored mud.  You walk up and these Korean women just paint you like their very own canvas.  These were our results after telling her to just make us look pretty.

There were stations set up everywhere with paintbrushes in giant things of mud.  Supposedly it is really good for your skin so everyone just walks around coated trying to give their skin a little treat. After we were done with the mud and needed a break we would just jump in the ocean and rinse off and then go back at it when we were ready.

Then things got really dirty.  At one point we ended up in a giant ring that was intended for one thing but became a wrestling pit.  Some army guys jumped in over the side and they had no mercy.  I was take out at the knees sooo many times.  which is why they are bruised and cut up.  Totally worth it.  We had so much fun.

So, even though it was kind of overcast and we were coated in mud I ended up with a pretty awful sunburn.  The kind where my feet are now swollen to about two and a half times their normal size. This apparently is common in bad burns on your legs from fluid retention, but its really annoying. so it goes.  I plan on just putting on sunscreen before I even look at the sun for the rest of the summer. ugh.

There were a few times on the trip where I got really frustrated with the group or with myself or whatever.  I hadn’t slept much and that really has a tendency after a compounding to make me pretty grumpy.

Overall though it was a really fun weekend.  I met some new friends and spent my last weekend with some very dear friends.  We took some pretty epic pictures upon out return Sunday night, but that’s for a post later this week.