Last Friday night the rain finally stopped for a few hours.  To celebrate such a time instead of really thinking about our 5am wake up Saturday we went down to the city center.  I had never been to this particular area during the day or at night.  It was a nice little surprise to find so many awesome things in one area.

I took him there because I had this idea that it was a totally different place.  In dramas there is always a scene down by this huge dam here in Seoul.  At night when the water is released into the river there are beautiful lights and its so pretty on TV.  Well, this totally wasn’t that place, but we still enjoyed ourselves all the same.

Seoul is a city that sometimes has so much to offer and really it is a place to love.  Other times I feel so trapped by all of the tall buildings, crowds of people, and constant smog.  However, at night the city isn’t full of these blemishes.  It’s cleaner looking, brighter, and kind of mysterious.  I wish I had gotten photos to really express what I mean by that, but alas I wasn’t so lucky.  I did get some photos though sooo without further rambling…photos:

First, we wandered around Gwanghwamun Square

Awesome celestial globe guy, and a close up of the inside.


King Sejong, the man that brought Hangul to Korea, and the celestial globe guy, and a close up of the King.

It was cool because at the very end of the area was the gate to Gyeongbok Palace, which we went to visit earlier in the week.

and then there was a statue of Admiral Yi Sun-shin.  He is accompanied by a fountain.

and even though it was after 9 pm there were still children running through the water and playing.

Then we walked along the river where there is a little waterfall, just not the huge one I was expecting. ^_^ It was still really pretty.

the walkways down by the river were nice and a lot of people were just sitting and chatting.  We decided to do the same. It was nice to just have the ability to do so since it wasn’t raining.

There was a bridge and stuff, too.  We walked around for a while, we sat for a while, ate some dinner, and took our shoes off and just enjoyed our time in the city.  It was really nice at night. We are already talking about when we will be able to do it again.

I have a whole queue of posts that should be showing up over the next few days.  I haven’t had internet for some reason so I am just now able to get things up and going. ^_^