Andy (The Boyfriend) and I had planned to take a trip with my friend Eileen and her boyfriend, Matt to Samcheok because we had a work holiday during the first part of this week.

We woke up at 5am on Saturday morning and started our adventure eastward.  We had a basic plan and itinerary. Though I must admit it was the most I had ever  been unprepared for a trip and already I can say lesson learned.  I am just not the type of person who can buy a ticket and it all magically work out for me when I get there.  No, life is not as awesome as it is in the movies when people travel on a whim, or at least it definitely wasn’t this time.

We were waiting at the station and Eileen calls me.  Apparently Matt is really sick and they won’t be making our bus, but will try and get on the next one…she calls me a few hours later to tell me that they won’t be coming at all.  Also, all week she had assured me that the weather was supposed to be wonderful and we were looking forward to some sun…it rained the entire trip there.

Finally after hours of being on the bus it stopped to unload. We got off the bus and started walking…only after wandering around for an hour Andy informs me that the station we got off at said Donghae and not Samcheok…why didn’t he say something earlier? Who knows Korea is a funny little place you never know what the buildings will say…so we are definitely not even in the right city.  We go inside where a guy tries to tell us we need a new ticket and a woman directs us to another guy who is the manager and we are put on the next bus headed the 25 minutes it takes to actually get to Samcheok.

It is still raining.

I had read on blogs about places to stay, only once we got there I couldn’t find any of the places.  I was getting so frustrated at myself, and our situation.  All of the hotels in the area were so expensive and just not what we had really budgeted for, because I had read that in places things would be cheaper.  It is stilllll raining at this point.  Finally we settle on a place and just give up the search.  I have a small break down about the rain and just really wanting it to be a good time and all it had been was a disaster up until this point.

Can’t cry over spoiled milk though, so we dropped off all of our things and headed out in the rain.  We walked in the direction that we thought was the beach…and we did find the coast, but it was the port and not so much the beach.  However, along the way we saw a sign and took a chance and went on a really nice small hike in the rain.  It was beautiful and had a park at the top of this little mountain. Andy  I ended up with a handful of mosquito bites, and I had almost convinced Andy that he totally should have gotten a Malaria vaccine, but really it’s not even an issue here. It was pretty funny at the time. So here are so pictures from our hike:

There was this really cute little bridge that we got to walk across.  Koreans really love putting stairs in places that people usually hike up.

After our hike we kept on heading toward “the beach”. We saw parts of the little city and some of it was so impoverished.  There are homes here that do not have showers.  There are public showers they can use if their homes don’t have them.

Houses up on the hills.

So many low hanging, looming clouds.

I found this little lonely sunflower. Then we found a park that was on the coast.

There was a big green soccer field.

This wooden thundercat character.

This really colorful walk-way.

There were ocean liners and stuff. oh yeah and us…all damp and tired.

Then we got to the port which was not the beach…but still it was neat to walk around.

Then we walked all the way back, ordered a seafood pizza, and watched the Harry Potter marathon on the Korean channel OCN.

oh and it was still raining.