After work on Friday Andy and I headed to the North Seoul Tower.  It is by far one of the most touristy things that can be done in Seoul.  We took a cable car up to the top because it was much, much too hot to climb the mountain.  However, I am not a fan of the cable car.  Just the idea of being suspended in a metal box hanging on a wire just isn’t something that makes me feel comfortable.  Plus on this one there is no good air circulation and they pack in the people.  It smelled weird and made me feel itchy.  Alas, we finally got to the top.  We got our tickets for the observatory and after finding a shop that sold some American goods we headed to the elevators.

The view was really something.  All around you could see the city, the apartment complexes, the river, the bridges, all of it.  They also had notes on the glass to tell you what you were looking at, and at other places it showed what direction you were facing and how far away you were from that point.  It was really neat, super super touristy, but really neat. Totally worth doing once while you’re here.

We picked a really good time to go, right before sunset, so I was able to get pictures during the day and at night.

you can see the moon in this one. ^_^

some of the lower parts of the city.

I love the mountains in the background.

Then it got darker and darker, and the lights got brighter and brighter.

It’s so big…so so so big.

awesome little signs that tell you what you are looking at.  and some fun bokeh in the background.

and the final view before we made our way back down on the cable cars.