Last weekend the weather of course was overcast and looking like the sky was going to open up and drop rain at any minute.  We have been very persistent about not letting the rain effect our plans if we can help it.

On Saturday we went to Itaewon for brunch.  We had the absolute best breakfast I have had since arriving in Korea.  We went to a place called the Flying Pan-Blue.  It is a little tucked away place that is super cute inside and busy constantly.  I was not surprised once I tasted my food.  It was hands down the best smoked salmon eggs benedict I have ever had anywhere. It was on fresh sourdough bread with sauteed spinach and a grilled tomato on the side. All the flavors and the colors were beautiful on the place. It was superb.  Andy’s pancakes with bananas, walnuts, and a scoop of ice cream were also super tasty.  I might have stolen more than 1 or 2 bites.  Sadly, my camera was acting up annnnd I didn’t get any pictures.

However after walking around the area for a bit we decided to just get on the subway and go somewhere, sooo we headed to Yeouido.  Yeouido is actually a little island in the river.  We went to the river walk and figured we would just see what we could find.  Well, we found some really neat things.

We found this really cool fountain area that is used by children for swimming, splashing, and fun.  The water isn’t more than knee deep at most points and the kids were having a blast.  There were families set up along the edges with picnics and towels while the kids ran around and had fun.  I was kind of surprised considering the weather, but I guess after what has been 2 months of solid rain at this point you just have to go whether the clouds are out or the sun is shining.

And I was totally that weird person sitting on the sides taking pictures of everyone’s kids.  They didn’t seem to mind so I didn’t really feel bad about it.

This is one of the main entrance walkways into the waterfront from the subway.

Awesome weird artsy bench.  There were all styles and cool concept benches all throughout the park.

Andy sitting on the bench while I took pictures from 100000 different angles.  I really liked how it was made.

The part of the fountain park nearest to the river.

There were so many different types of fountains.

Boys being boys.

Floating stage dome thing on the river.

They went all out with their floating rings, goggles, and swimming caps. So funny. Some kids were in their clothes, others were in their swimsuits, didn’t make a difference they were all running around being kids.

I loved this little guy. He was floating his crocs on the water and splashing around with his grandma. The water made him a little anxious but they were having fun.

and of course a photo oh Andy and I.  Apparently we always sit on the same sides in photos. weird. We didn’t go to the 63 Building that is on the island because of the weather and we also didn’t ride the awesome tandem bikes, but we definitely plan on going back or to Seoul Forest before the next week is up!